Does a Re-Roof Require a Building Permit?

Does a re-roof require a building permit????  We love straight forward answers but unfortunately we cant give you one! I know, pretty honest right.
What we can promise is we’ll do the leg work and assess all the varying factors, then jump through all the hoops to get your re-roof done compliantly, Shire approval and all.
What are these factors you ask? Well every project is different but this blog aims to provide clarification in the below 7 factors.

1. Replacement Materials?

Where the current roofing material is to be replaced with a similar material i.e. sheet for sheet or tile for tile, this may not require a Building Permit approval.
If however the existing roof material is to be replaced with a different material i.e. tile for sheet, asbestos for sheet etc. Then structural implications need to be considered. Structural considerations may include new/additional battens, roof frame tie down requirements due to changed load or wind zone. Important stuff really, you don’t want your roof to blow off because its lighter or for it to weigh down your house and make it sink!!

2. Insulation/Underlays

In addition, at the time of replacing any roof material the installation of insulation/underlays etc in accordance with Building Code is required. These can have significant effect on the building and occupants comfort.

3. Is the works compliant?

Whether works require a Building Permit to be issued or not all works are required to comply with relevant Building Code, Australian Standards and manufacturer’s specifications for the replacement works. As a registered builder, White Building Co are committed to compliance and will ensure we tick all the boxes and hit all the nails.

4. Is your roof home to asbestos?

If this is the case White Building Co hold an asbestos licence and can ensure we undertake the removal safely, for everyone’s benefit. Further information about asbestos can be sourced from WorkSafe WA

5. Short cuts cost money!

But don’t worry we don’t take them.
As a reminder, where works are undertaken and a Building Permit has not been obtained prior to works commencing, an offence has taken place under the Building Act 2011. Penalties for non-compliance can range from a first offence fine of $50,000, second offence fine of $75,000 and subsequent offence fine of $100,000 and 12 month imprisonment. 
For works that require a Building Permit see our blog ‘When do you need a Registered Building Contractor?’

6. Details we need to organise your Re-Roof

Typically all we need to get the ball rolling, is your proposed roofing material including preferred colour. Building permits applications will also consider energy efficiency… yes the lighter the roof colour, the cooler the home ?

7. Yes we offer Free Quotes!

If you have any other works and you’re not sure if a registered builder needs to get involved, feel free to give us a call or check out our previous blog titled ‘When do you need a Registered Building Contractor?