Community Home Care Building – Collie

12th November 2018 – NEARLY DONE

YEP, we’ve been super busy and missed a month, but the upside is the photos are much more impressive!

Now we are very close to completion on this building extension, it won’t be long until hand over and the Collie Community Home Care team can amp up the productivity.

12th September 2018 – TAKING SHAPE

Roof on and sheeted! Internal framing going up. Loving the progress team!


6th August 2018 – BRICKING UP

The wet weather we are experiencing hasn’t stopped this project from moving forward, we already have the concrete slab down and brick work well underway.

We are hoping to have the roof getting pitched back into the existing building in the next few weeks.
Hold tight for the next update!
5th July 2018 – BIG NEWS

#WhiteBuildingCo has been awarded the #extension and #renovation to the #Collie Community Home Care Building!

This will add a new activity area, 3 new office spaces including an open plan office, tea prep area, new toilets and an upgrade to the existing kitchen. We are thrilled to be working alongside Veen’s Design Group and the Living Well Social Centre/ Community Home Care Committee.
Stay tuned for updates!

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 — at Collie Adult Day Centre.